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Sharky - Digital TV Explorer

     Sharky - Digital TV Explorer is an application for the reception, recording and playback of DVB-s and/or DVB-c Radio and TV channels.

     It supplements Windows Explorer by offering direct access to all available DVB channels without the need of using a dedicated tool to have those functionalities.

     It also provides a separate Electronic Program Guide interface (fast access from Windows Explorer Toolbar) that displays the TV and radio channels schedule for several days ahead.

    ??Play function for DVB TV and Radio channels
    ??Recording capabilities of the transmissions selected by the Consumer directly from the player or scheduled through EPG.
    ??Playback function for the recorded programs stored in a dedicated folder.
    ??EPG for several days ahead, displayed by time schedule, by channels or by categories. Provides powerful searching capabilities through the EPG content.
    ??Scan functionalities of available content sources (provided via satellite, cable and/or terrestrial networks).
    ??Advanced DVB card and service management.
    ??Easy channel access and management through favorites structures and shortcuts.

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