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Turbo Browser offers total visual media management solution. Users rely on Turbo Browser for fast viewing, printing, managing, and processing documents, drawings, multimedia, photos and images, Web files, and most other file types. It offers five browser modes: File Browser, Image Browser, Album Browser, Search Browser, and FTP Browser. In addition, it offers the new Selection Tray for processing multiple files and CodeWorks, a full featured WYSIWYG HTML, text, and code editor.

In the latest release, Turbo Browser makes it even easier and faster to help you manage all file types, from documents to images, all in one place. You can view, manage, organize, zip, unzip, back up, and print all file types, FTP, and edit HTML and other codes. You can manipulate almost all documents, drawings, multimedia and graphics, and Web contents. There are also the new batch image conversion and resizing features. Turbo Browser offers the most comprehensive, tightly integrated, viewing filters throughout the program. This new release not only supports up to 200 file viewer formats, it offers faster thumbnail list view and full viewing. All these viewing capabilities are integrated with many file management tools such as group renaming files, an optional second file list window, to let you do a lot more than just using Windows management tools.

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