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Crumbs is an exciting game that checks your knack, intellect and attention. However, it is more puzzle game than arcade game. The goal of the game is to clear game field from Crumbs. You can shoot new Crumbs from the cannon below the game field. When there are 3 or more Crumbs situated at neighbor places on the game field they will disappear. If some of Crumbs become disconnected from lower ones or stay alone they will be dropped off. You will be never given to shoot special type of Crumbs - 'skull and bones' so you have to drop them off. You can change the shooting angle by moving the mouse horizontally. Crumbs will bounce from the walls of game field, so be sure to check all the angles. Each time you shoot the Crumb danger level increases. When it reaches maximal level all Crumbs will be shifted down to one position. You can decrease the danger level by dropping or eliminating Crumbs. The game is over if one or more Crumbs will get to the lowest position on game field. There is no time limit - think twice, don't be nervous. There are 5 difficulty levels - find the best suitable for your brains. Show this game to your baby - it is non-violent, does not require skills in mathematics or reading. DirectX high-quality 24bit color graphics, suitable sounds, extremely simple controls. Well, I think all of this is a good occasion to try the game !

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