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Recipe Processor Source Code 2.1

Interested in seeing the program code that makes The Recipe Processor For Windows work? Do you want to modify or add your own features to The Recipe Processor? The source code for The Recipe Processor For Windows 2.1 is now available for sale. What is source code? Source code is made up of human readable programming commands to perform a given task. In this case, the source code is the human readable program commands that make up The Recipe Processor. The computer cannot understand source code, so a computer program called a compiler is used to convert the human readable commands to an executable file that the computer can understand and run. Having the source code allows you to modify the program, add features, and gain an understanding of how the program operates. Of course, you must be a proficient programmer to modify the source code. Wouldn't it be nice to have the source code for Microsoft Word or Excel? Source code for commercial applications is hardly ever made available to the public. The Recipe Processor For Windows source code is now available for anyone who is interested in tinkering with it. This package contains all of the Visual Basic source files and bitmaps to compile the program. You will need Microsoft's Visual Basic 3.0 to view and compile the program.. If you have a later version of Visual Basic, you may have to modify the code in order for it to compile. This is a Windows program, and it will run on Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, and 2000. If you are using Windows Vista, you will need to install and run Microsoft's Virtual PC with one of the above operating systems. There is no documentation for the code other then the code itself. There is no support for modifying the code. The code is guaranteed to compile with Visual Basic 3.0 only.

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