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3D Crystal Sculptures

Crystal Sculptures use vertex shaders, glow, transparency, and lightning effects to magnify the hi-quality sculptures model. 5 Models are built-in and you can freely move them, change their textures, their effects, and many more parameters.

Features :

  • 6 different models rendering modes (transparent, crystal, reflections...).
  • 34 textures for the the sea and the model itself.
  • photo-realistic animated sea.
  • fog color and distance options.
  • projection stretch and focal distortion.
  • MP3 support, you can play any MP3 while the screen saver runs.
  • Vertex shaders lightning with Ambient (RGB) and Specular (RGB) controlled in the editor.
  • Texture stretching on the model and on the sea to even mode creative visual effects.
  • 5 hi-quality models (up to 120 000 polygons!), dama, horse, liberty, venus and virgin.
  • Sunlight background simulator, that can do gradients as well as ray lights and sun simulations. - All the parameters can be tuned from the editor.
  • Load/Save presets, so you can exchange your themes.
  • PlayList management, you can create a list of theme and run them linearly or randomly.
  • You can remove the sea or the background and keep only the sculptures, if you want.

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